DIY Santa Christmas Ornament

Christmas is right around the corner so I thought that I would do a quick post about a Santa Christmas ornament that I made last year.  This project is super easy!! This is what you’re going to need:


Glass ornament (I bought mine from Hobby Lobby)

Liquid Pledge Floor Cleaner

Fine Red Glitter

Black Acrylic Paint

Clear Nail Polish Top Coat


Rhinestone stickers (I found these at Michaels)

To get started you will need to pour the pledge floor cleaner inside of the clear ornament and shake it. Make sure that the entire inside is coated and then dump out the excess liquid. Then you will funnel fine glitter into the ornament and shake it until the entire bulb is covered in red glitter. Pour out any excess glitter. Next, tape the ornament in order to get a thick straight line around the middle. Apply the black acrylic paint inside of your newly formed line to make the Santa belt. When the paint is dry cover it with clear nail polish top coat. If you skip this step your black paint with easily scrape off. To finish it off, use your rhinestone stickers and form a cute Santa belt buckle. You should come out with something like this…



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