Preparing to sell…curb appeal

I’m sure you all know that we are going to be selling our house soon. We have owned this home for five years and I’ve really loved living here.


However, it’s time to move on 😊 As a Realtor I know how important it is to get your house in good shape before putting it on the market. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be giving you all updates on what we are doing to get the house ready. This post will be about curb appeal.

A few months ago Gerry and I decided to update the exterior of our house. We had faux red brick on the lower portion and white vinyl siding on the top portion.




I chose a gray and black color palette and I’m really loving the way that it looks. I think the gray paint really makes the pavers on the porch stand out.

Side note, my parents gave us their old garage door so we switched that out as well. I love carriage doors so much, I wish I could take this one to our new house.




I must say, painting the brick was a giant pain in the butt. I should have used a sprayer but I chose to roll it instead. If you’re going to paint brink for any reason make sure you use a very thick roller. I used one for very rough surfaces and it was still tough.

Next, we trimmed all of our trees. Trimming the trees is easy and makes such a huge difference in curb appeal. Would you want to buy a house knowing that one of the first things you had to do was trim trees after you moved in? Ya, me neither 😉

Ok so the backyard isn’t technically curb appeal but I’m going to go over it since we are talking about the exterior 😊

Our house has a pool so we really want to highlight the backyard as a great place for a family. The first thing we did in the backyard was pressure wash the deck. It’s probably not necessary for everyone selling their house to do this, but our deck was filthy so it had to be done.



The last thing we did to prepare the backyard was cover up the old nasty rocks with pretty red mulch. The mulch looks sooo much better than the rocks!


I hope you all like the improvements we’ve made! We are still working on the inside but I’ll be posting about it soon. Have a great weekend!


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